Café Grano Latino is specialized in high quality Latin American Coffee. Café Grano Latino offers specialty coffee grown on family farms 100% arabics specialty and boutique coffee which is hand picked to optimum ripeness, dried in the sun and hand graded to ensure greatest to ensure the highest quality. Café Grano Latino farms are small family farms in Latin American countries. All farms are located at 1600 meters and higher above sea level to guarantee a SHB high quality coffee.


NATURAL COFFEE: Also called Dry Process (via Seca), when the entire cherry, after harvest, is placed in the sun to dry.

SEMI-WASHED COFFEE: Here coffee bean , still coated with mucilage are stored, for up to a day, then the mucilage is washed off and the parchment coffee is dried.

WASHED CAFFEE: In the wet process (via humeda) pulp and mucilage are removes from the bean before drying.

HONEY PROCESS COFFEE: Coffee bean are dried with complet or part of mucilage.

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